Does platform switching allow closer implant placement?


Marginal bone levels and tissue quality was evaluated after 2 months of healing for 72 implant sites in 12 pig mandibles.  The interimplant distance was either 2 mm or 3 mm.


No difference was seen when the interimplant distance was 2 mm or 3 mm in terms of interproximal bone loss.


Platform switched implants have a reduced amount of crestal bone loss.  The horizontal displacement of the implant-abutment junction may allow adjacent platform-switched implants to be placed as close as 2 mm apart without losing the height of intercrestal bone.  This should positively affect the preservation of the interdental papilla.


For more information please refer to:

Effect of Interimplant Distance (2 and 3 mm) on the Height of Interimplant Bone Crest: A Histomorphometric Evaluation             

Nicolas Elian, Mitchell Bloom, Michel Dard, Sang-Choon Cho, Richard D. Trushkowsky and Dennis Tarnow

Journal of Periodontology 2011, Vol.82, No.12

2 thoughts on “Does platform switching allow closer implant placement?

  1. Sometimes we have to place implants really close together. ( Too close for comfort!) Platform switched implants seem to allow for closer placement without affecting intercrestal bone levels.

  2. It is a wonderful animal study. Plateform switching seems promosing. I look forward to seeing more evidences by well controlled clinical trials as well. Thank you Dr. Gebrael