Chlorhexidine chips to treat peri-implantitis?

Methods: Peri-implantitis patients with implant pockets of 5 to 8 mm had subgingival implant surface debridement followed by repeated bi-weekly supra gingival plaque debridement and chlorhexidine chip application for 12 weeks.

Results: A total of 290 patients were included: Significant reduction in implant probing depths was measured in the chlorhexidine group ( 1.76 mm) compared to the control group ( 1.54 mm). Relative attachment gain and gingival recession was also larger in the chlorhexidine group. 

Conclusions: Intensive treatment every two weeks comprising of supra gingival plaque removal and chlorhexidine chip application had a greater probing depth reduction compared to plaque removal alone 

For more information please refer to:

J Periodontology 2021 January

Repeated delivery of chlorhexidine chips for the treatment of peri-implantitis: A multicenter, randomized, comparative clinical trial

Machtei E, Romanos G, Kang P, et al.