Good long term results for tissue grafts?


Forty-seven patients with 64 sites with lack of attached gingiva were treated with free gingival grafts and 64 control sites were left untreated.  Patients were recalled every 4 to 6 months.  Gingival recession depth, keratinized tissue width, and probing depth were measured at baseline and extending to the follow up period (18 to 35 years)


At the end of the follow up period, 83% of the 64 treated sites showed recession reduction whereas 48% of the 64 untreated sites experienced increase in recession. Treated sites ended with gingival margin 1.7 mm more coronal and keratinized tissue 3.3 mm wider than untreated sites.


Sites treated with gingival augmentation procedures resulted in coronal displacement of the gingival margin and reduced recession, whereas the contralateral untreated sites showed a tendency for increased recession and a tendency to develop new recession during the 18 to 3 year follow up.

For more information please refer to:

Journal of Periodontology 2009 Sep;80(9):1399-405

Periodontal conditions of sites treated with gingival augmentation surgery compared to untreated contralateral homologous sites: a 10- to 27-year long-term study.

Agudio G1, Nieri M, Rotundo R, Franceschi D, Cortellini P, Pini Prato GP.


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